2gether is not just a Challenger Bank a​ iming to displace incumbent banks, it is a collaborative banking platform that aims to dramatically improve the personal economies of customers.

We are building the financial platform that customers would build for themselves; where money goes beyond euros and dollars, exponential technologies, as further explained in this document, augment and simplify customers financial decisions and, most importantly, revenues are shared with customers based on each of their particular contributions.

2gether has been under development since September 2016. Its technology, including the microservices back-end architecture, big data, blockchain, and front-end modules, is already serving 2gether’s beta users, running on cloud infrastructure. 2gether’s European Beta was launched in January 2019, becoming available across 19 countries of the Eurozone in April 2019, to more than 300M citizens.

2gether’s collaborative model is built around its native token, the 2GT, which acts as unit of account for user contributions, store of value intrinsically linked to the platform’s transactional growth, and medium of exchange for 2gether’s stakeholders within its ecosystem. 2gether intends to issue the 2GT token as a Virtual Financial Asset (“VFA”) under the Virtual Financial Assets Act in Malta (a member state of the European Union), first nation to enact a regulatory framework for virtual assets that leverage distributed ledger technologies.

In order to meet 2gether’s business plan capital needs for the following 18 months, amounting to €20M, the Company intends to issue and distribute the 2GT Token by undertaking an Initial Virtual Financial Assets Offering (“IVFAO”) in accordance to the VFA Act, once it has satisfied all the applicable requirements prescribed by the VFA Act, including but not limited to the registration of the whitepaper with the MFSA.

2gether wants to reshape how customers deal with their financial needs, and that’s just the first step. Beyond banking, 2gether’s platform will transform the way customers deal with their retail, telecom or utility providers, it will change the current paradigms around data management and monetization, and will incorporate a world of opportunities to customers of all kinds.

1 2GT = 0.05 EUR
Buy with:
Total raised:
20,000,000 USD
Token for sale:
100,000,000 2GT (4%)
Buy with:
Token supply:
2,400,000,000 2GT
Can’t join:
China, USA
Pre-ICO Start:
March 27, 2019
Pre-ICO End:
May 27, 2019
ICO Start:
ICO End:

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