About LetsTrip

Let’s Trip is a global social project based on blockchain technology, where users can take an active part in creating the historical and tourist ecosystem of the world, and the cryptocurrency will become the main driver of content generation.

Traveling by train past an unknown village, walking alongside an old house or just riding a bicycle across a bridge, ask yourself, if you know interesting facts or the history of these places? Imagine: there is the world’s unique fish in the river under this bridge; a scientist that invented the radio lived in this house; the station platform, paved with stone from Spain, was made back in 1895. Every day people are walking by hundreds of interesting places not knowing its history or meaning. We’re forgetting history, losing the thread of the past, ceasing to be interested in the world around us. Cryptocurrency LST will change the perception of traveling.

Let’s Trip is a project that won’t miss anything. Users from all over the world will help to create a real service for the coming decades. Let’s Trip has no competitors in its niche, and the reach of a potential audience is more than 1.2 billion people (The World Tourism Organization) from more than 90 countries. The fundamental idea of Let’s Trip really works, the confirmation is more than 10,000 users in the Russian Federation already, and this figure continues to grow every day.

1 LetsTrip / LST = 0.00008628 ETH
Buy with:
Total raised:
12,500,000 USD
Token for sale:
1,250,000,000 LST (25%)
Buy with:
Token supply:
5,000,000,000 LST
Can’t join:
Cayman Islands, China, South Africa, United States of America
Pre-ICO Start:
Pre-ICO End:
ICO Start:
April 20, 2019
ICO End:
May 19, 2019

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