About MinedBlock

MinedBlock offers the opportunity for investors to purchase our ST20 Security Token which is a digital asset backed by a corresponding Preference Share in MinedBlock Holding Limited (the Special Purpose Vehicle) that enables holders to receive a revenue share produced by our mining farms. Collectively, MBTX token holders will own 95% of the Special Purpose Vehicle and the associated costs and revenue so, therefore, will receive the revenue share each month based on the profit generated. Revenue will be shared respectively and equally between all token holders on a ‘payout per token’ model.

Each MBTX token sold will represent 1 Preference Share A in MinedBlock Holding Limited.

Shareholder rights:

“Each Preference Share A holder will be entitled to a share of revenue produced by 75% of the total Mining Service. Shareholders will also have the right to vote on the future expansion of the Mining Service”

MinedBlock Limited will assume responsibility for maintaining, replacing and expanding the physical assets and will remain responsible for any costs incurred beyond that of the revenue generated in the unlikely event the service becomes unprofitable. At no point will token holders be expected to cover any losses if this did ever happen.

All expense and revenue information for each month will be available for review by any token holders to ensure full transparency of the total managed Mining Service. All Wallet addresses owned by the Company will be published within the Investor Dashboard to give full visibility.

Token holders will be able to ‘vote’ for the direction of future expansion from within the Investor Dashboard when it is life. The term ‘vote’ in no way reflects a right to direct the company itself but will allow input into how the Mining Service is expanded.

Security Token Offering

Security Token sale participants will be required to pass KYC (Know Your Customer) checks via our Website to enable whitelisting within the Smart Contract. To satisfy the requirements of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); US investors will need to qualify as Accredited Investors.

The cost for KYC and Accreditation checks will be passed to the investors at our cost price, upon successful completion of the required checks you will be credited with the equivalent number of MBTX tokens at a discounted value of $0.075 each. This is to ensure only serious participants go through the process to reduce the unnecessary cost for the Company.

  • The Security Token Offering will be a staged sale with the initial pre-sale available for 30 calendar days.
  • The Base price will be set at the equivalent to $0.10 payable in POLY.

Following a successful pre-sale, we will start the main sale stage, details of which will be available on our website.

1 MBTX = 0.15 USD
Buy with:
Total raised:
Token for sale:
365,000,000 MBTX
Buy with:
Token supply:
400,000,000 MBTX
United Kingdom
Can’t join:
Pre-ICO Start:
February 15, 2019
Pre-ICO End:
March 15, 2019
ICO Start:
March 30, 2019
ICO End:
May 30, 2019

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